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Types of breast cancers

Some anniversaries are of mixed feelings. 8 years ago today, my beautiful aunt, Wanda, who passed away from breast cancer. Wanda was the most vibrant person in my life next to my wonderful husband, Glenn Williams. Wanda gave me an idea of who I could be and what is was to be as a woman. I miss you auntie and I knew you are looking down on your nieces and nephews smiling.

Please, regardless if you are a woman or a man, get checked for breast cancer as well as prostate cancer. Early detection is key to survival.

There are several types of breast cancer, but some of them are quite rare. Learn about the different types of breast cancer here.

Source: Types of breast cancers

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ConsumerWatch: Loose Skin Removal Surgery

It’s a common complaint from people who’ve lost lots of weight. Insurance companies routinely refuse to pay for skin-removal surgery but, as Julie Watts reports, those companies may be breaking the law. (6-10-16)

Source: ConsumerWatch: Loose Skin Removal Surgery

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Transgender?? Bathroom??

As a mother of six daughters, I like other parents are concerned about their rights and the rights of others. After hearing the debate in Fairfax County, Virginia tonight. It was clear to me. Everyone has rights – everyone!


You see, I could get on my high horse and take a stance of resistance but I can’t. I cannot take a stance that a child attending a public school should be forced to be someone they are not and nor can I take a stance that children should be subjected to political and religious constraints. I have to admit, I have no “gaydor” (Knowing if a person is gay or straight) cause I frankly don’t care, nor am I able to identify a transgender person by shear looks.


So, I pondered for a few hours before typing this blog and wondered if it is politically incorrect to agree with our government and sympathize with those who don’t agree with the ruling that persons regardless of birth sex should use bathrooms based on the sex they identify with. This isn’t rocket science, everyone has the right to relieve themselves. Now for the conflict… Not everyone is honest and not everyone who says they are transgender is transgender and could have intent to harm; and lastly, not every one who is non-transgender is safe either.


My daughters are open minded and we live in a very small, a very religious community who remarkably has accepted transgender lifestyles as someone in there on skin being happy. What gives anyone the right to take away any one else’s happiness?  I’m sorry, people going to the bathroom is the least of my concerns.  How about those Standard of Learning (SOL) tests that aren’t representative of what my children have actually learned or the lack of pay for educators who go to work everyday for a paycheck that barely pays their bills, just because they love to teach? Or what about the lack of school provided supplies or the cuts in extracurricular activities.

At this point I think that there are other more pressing matters for educational leaders to focus on then which bathroom a child chooses to relieve themselves. Just saying.

What are your thoughts?



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This Portable Tree House Makes Outdoor Activity More FUN! — Positive Outlooks Blog

One of the things to you can do to live POSITIVELY is being in touch with nature. It has been proven that communing with nature does your spiritual health a lot of good. However, camping and hiking is not for everyone. A lot of people are simply afraid of bugs, the inconvenience of not having […]

via This Portable Tree House Makes Outdoor Activity More FUN! — Positive Outlooks Blog

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Need to Know: Redskins’ Gruden is trying to make things difficult on Cousins

Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, June 9, 49 days before the Washington Redskins start training camp in Richmond. Timeline —The Redskins last played a game 151 days ago. It will be 95 days until they host the Steelers in their 2016 season opener. —Days until: Redskins training camp starts 49; Preseason opener…

Source: Need to Know: Redskins’ Gruden is trying to make things difficult on Cousins

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A lesson in race terminology.

Ricardo, as usual nailed why being called a mulatto is just as bad as being called the n-word. A lesson in race terminology.

From Ricardo Ignacio

Today a woman who had read a blog of mine, said: “At first I thought you were a Mestizo, but since reading one of your blogs and learning that you have African DNA in you, then perhaps it’s best to say you’re a Mulatto?”

Normally, I get offended when somebody tries to identify me with these racist terminologies, however, I am learning that most, if not all people who use these terms to identify themselves or others, they do so without knowing what it means or where the terms originate form, so allow me to educate you on it a bit, and then you can do further research yourself:

In the late 1400s and 1500s when the Latin Europeans from Spain forced their way into the Americas, and raped the indigenous women of Central and South America, and then the women gave birth, the Latin men did not view their own “mixed” children as human beings, but rather like an item, or better yet, like a work-beast, since these children were either killed at birth by the father, or if allowed to live, then it was enslaved by the father or sold by the father to other Latin slavers, depending if the child was considered any good or not.

You see, the word Mulatto is Latin for Mule, which is the mixture of a horse and a donkey, and in the Latin culture a mule is a useless and dumb animal that existed only to work, which of course was exactly what the Spaniards thought of these “mixed” children; useless and dumb animals.
Nothing different from the word Mestizo, which rather than being a horse and a donkey instead it was the mixture of dogs which became a useless and unidentifiable mutt.
So when we identify ourselves with either Mulatto or Mestizo, we are agreeing that we are useless and dumb mules and/or useless and identifiable mutts, and quite frankly, I refuse to adopt the identities given by a people who hate me.
Why would I allow a people who hate me to also be the ones to teach me about who I am? What would be the outcome of that, if not self-hatred, and a very low sense of self-worth?
Do I acknowledge that I am a product or slavery and rape? Of course I do, I’ve never denied it, however it doesn’t mean that I also have to allow the same rapists to say who I am and what I am worth.
I much rather claim the identities of my ancestors, so from here on, please, only refer and address me by identifying me as an indigenous American. Anything else is a sin.

I wrote this with love, so thank you very much for reading.❤

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All relationships must have an equal share to survive of commmitment to the relationship, freedom to be yourselves, a respect of each other, true support of those you care about, equal treatment of everyone, healthy conflict resolution, relationship glue in the form of trust, Communication, Communication, Communication… oh did I say Communication!!! Learn how to listen and not just hear.


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6 Reasons My Husband and I Probably Won’t Make Your Event, and Why We Don’t Want You to Take it Personal…

Source: 6 Reasons My Husband and I Probably Won’t Make Your Event, and Why We Don’t Want You to Take it Personal…

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Life Forward Radio with Special Guest Susan Bell 03/13 by Mystic Light and Shadows | Entertainment Podcasts

Life Forward Radio with Special Guest Susan Bell 03/13 by Mystic Light and Shadows | Entertainment Podcasts.

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